“Regarding legislation and compliance, if training courses were available at a reasonable cost, it probably would actually encourage more people to increase their skill levels. But in a commercial environment which funding is tight it is a difficult situation.”

– South Essex Housing –

“It would help as a start point, especially for a person with having no knowledge. For having that initial understanding for what they need to be looking for and what they should be looking out for, it’s going to give them a better understanding. If it is an online £20 e-learning module – like there is for fire warden, it doesn’t give people the practical skills they need to be competent.”


“We can train them and bring them up to our standards, that will take us a few years and I don’t think we have got that time.”

– St. Leger –

“Another compliance challenge we have is the organisation’s knowledge. Especially of all staff around fire safety.”

– Thirteen Group –

“Maybe if there were some e-learning in the future in terms of saying actually these are the things that you need to risk assess in terms of doing it, giving staff some learning on that.  That would be very useful to know.”

– Westward Housing –

“They know procurement, but they don’t know this subject matter. That means we have to we have to get involved in that.”

– Yarlington Housing –

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