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Geometra Systems

Geometra’s Cloud based Compliance Software enables Social Housing Organisations to fully protect the integrity of H&S inspections, statutory audits and any other regulated management requirement. 

A survey or assessment form can be created for any requirement, assessments can be allocated and scheduled, Inspections can be undertaken using any device, actions are managed and never deleted.

The status is always live and viewable via configurable dashboards and reports.

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The requirement or need for ongoing education and training may be the result of a complex number of factors, including:

• New skills required for a job;
• A need to understand and comply with changing legislation;
• New and emerging information needs to be understood;
• Insights into scientific or technical facts learned previously, need to be “unlearned” or supplanted;
• The use of new equipment needs to be learned. was designed as a platform to support the learning process through an individual’s lifetime, through school, study, work and beyond.

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