To develop knowledge and confidence to a demonstrable, qualified level in the following: 

Landlords statutory obligations in respect of Health and Safety – “what Landlords have to do to be compliant with the LAW”. 

The training is designed to advise what policies, systems and processes are required to manage H&S obligations and demonstrate compliance.

By undertaking these unique on-line learning modules you will:

  • Understand the meaning of Landlords H&S key terminologies 
  • Be able to demonstrate competence in recognising what “being compliant” means to your organisation and employees 
  • Develop an understanding of the policies, systems and processes to manage Landlords H&S obligations 
  • Gain an understanding of what to implement on an organisational level to be compliant 
  • Be proficient to carry out a gap analysis and identify weaknesses / non-compliance within your organisation 
  • Understand and realise the opportunity to implement systems and processes to ensure compliance within your organisation. 
  • Achieve a qualification and certification from the Government accredited awarding body, OCN. 

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